Happy New Year | Project 365


Every year I say I want to attempt to a yearly photo challenge… Each year I start but fizzle out around March. Hoping that posting online will make me a little more accountable.

Crazy thing is I nearly forgot on the 1st day. Jumped up and ran outside with only 1 hour left on the first day of the year and saw the streets light on. That light shining on a dark street seemed really powerful considering how last year went. Although it seemed bleak at times, my God has a way of always shining through.

Happy New Year everyone. Here’s to every time God shined bright in your life.

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Belle Isle Rockstar | Beste Family

There is always that ONE image in every session that makes me instantly smile and gives me that instant warm corny fuzzy feeling inside.

Frankie was definitely tired and ready for bed and I knew Mom and Dad were hoping for one last attempt at a shot with this backdrop.
When just like the rockstar she is, she wrapped both arms around them and gave up the biggest grin!Take a minute and pause… Do you feel the fuzzy feeling yet? Enjoy. #intheclickoftime XOXO


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